Baked Chicken Breast And Potato Sauteed Recipe

Baked Chicken Breast And Potato Sauteed Recipe

In this video you will see the traditional chicken kulbasti recipe
I will prepare a meal for 50 people
you will see the ingredients, preparation, cooking and how it is served
This is the necessary ingredients to eat,
25 pieces of chicken breast will be 100 pieces in total when cut with knife
basil and fresh thyme
fresh rosemary and parsley
crushed garlic and liquid sunflower oil
necessary ingredients for sauce
onion garlic parsley
tomato paste
butter and some cream to be used
required spices
red ground pepper, black pepper
white pepper, salt
red chili peppers, vegetables condiment
soy sauce
we will do vegetable garnish next to the main course,
we can call it potato sauté,
liquid sunflower oil and tomato paste
red bell pepper and green pepper

finely cut chicken breast with knife
can make chicken meat more subtle than this
Prepare a baking sauce for chickens
finely chop the parsley
add the chopped parsley into the mixing bowl
finely chop fresh green rosemary
chop fresh thyme,
fresh basil chop
Add liquid sunflower oil
Add crushed garlic
add black pepper
add red chili powder
add white pepper and salt
can add a little chicken bouillon
add a small amount of salt here and then add salt to the chickens
transfer chickens into a large container
add enough salt and mix
Add the baking sauce to the chicken and mix

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place the chicken covered with sauce in the thin baking trays
Prepare other ingredients before baking hens
slice the potatoes thinly, when fried will be in the form of chips
finely chop the red peppers
finely chop the green peppers
fry in oil the finely chopped potatoes
add liquid sunflower oil to the large pan and allow it to warm up
add finely chopped pepper into the heated oil and mix
Add crushed garlic
 add black pepper
Add vegetable flavor and add salt
white pepper and soy sauce
Add onion condiment and mix
add some sugar
Add tomato paste and mix
add and mix the chips you fry
to be added as a side dish next to this dish

prepare the brown sauce to be added to the hens now
Add sunflower oil to the deep pan and allow it to warm up
Add parsley onion and garlic into overheated oil
cook a little and add tomato paste
add some flour
Add boiling water and stir
Add some vegetable condiment, salt and sugar
add soy sauce and allow to boil
Add starch mixed with cold water
 add cream
add to the sieve and get a smooth sauce
add the chicken to the oven and cook
It’s enough to cook 190 degrees hot and 15 minutes.
transfer oven-baked chickens to smaller containers
fry butter in a pan
Add the fried butter on the chicken
A meal for 50 people is ready to be served

rice, vegetable garnish, 2 pieces of chicken and the sauce you prepare
add and serve

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