Baking Hamantaschen With Kids / Purim For Kids

Baking Hamantaschen With Kids / Purim For Kids

I love baking, so it’s something that I do with my kids a lot. However, even an expert mommy baker like me can find it very frustrating. For Purim we are making hamantaschen to give away in our mishloach manor bags. I thought I’d share with you how we make them and I how I make it a fun experience me for and them.

Basic Hamantaschen Dough

Last-Minute Purim Costumes

Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings

Silt Pad (Silicone Baking Sheet)

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Mandatory Disclaimer: I’m exactly as I claim, an everyday Jewish mom. My advice and opinions are all mine and do not represent those of any group.

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