Ep. 74 – The best OVEN-BAKED FRENCH TOAST recipe! – Guests will be quick to rise whenever you serve this dreamy OVEN BAKED FRENCH TOAST. It just might make your next breakfast or brunch a cause for celebration!

This recipe fits the bill when you want to serve up something especially memorable for breakfast of brunch, It’s also great when you’re pressed for time since most of the work is done the night before, making the final day-of steps a breeze.

Here are some tips:

MAKE-AHEAD – Preparing this is super simple. You’ll need to slice a loaf of bread, whisk up some readily available ingredients, then toss in some raisins and dried apricots before you wrap it up and refrigerate it for the night. This is especially helpful if you’re travelling – prepare it, stick it in a cooler and hit the road, that’s all there is to it.

BREAD – I recommend using challah bread, as this sweet, eggy bread was made for a recipe such as this. If possible, purchase a loaf that hasn’t been sliced yet. Cutting the bread yourself will allow for slightly oversized pieces that plump up when dipped in the egg, milk and cream mixture.

RAISINS AND DRIED APRICOTS – Yellow raisins and chopped apricots are unexpected, yet both have really distinct flavour profiles that shine when paired together. For what it’s worth, I have used fresh apricots when in-season and, well, it takes this to an entirely different level – an off-the-charts-savour-every-bite level!

PECANS AND WALNUTS – Pecans may be common for French toast, but walnuts are an unexpected delight. It’s not often that we get to enjoy them toasted, and that brings out a flavour that may be my new favourite thing.

PURE CANADIAN MAPLE SYRUP – What can I say, I’m biased, spoiled and deeply patriotic, eh?

The finished OVEN BAKED FRENCH TOAST is a thing of beauty that will garner even more praise once people take their first bite. It is truly fabulous!

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